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Comprehensive IT Expertise

Meet Your Systems Administration Needs with Matyel IT Solutions

At Matyel IT Solutions, we specialize in a broad range of IT services designed to ensure your infrastructure is robust and secure. Our lead systems administrator brings deep expertise in Windows, Linux, DevOps, and various cutting-edge technologies including Proxmox virtualization, VPN technologies, and more. If you’re looking to enhance your IT infrastructure, streamline your operations, or improve system reliability, our skilled team is here to assist. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Explore Our IT Services


Windows & Linux Systems Management

Expert management and troubleshooting for your Windows and Linux environments, ensuring high availability and performance.


DevOps Integration

Streamline your operations with our DevOps services, designed to improve deployment speed and increase system reliability.


Proxmox Virtualization Solutions

Leverage Proxmox for efficient virtualization, helping you manage virtual servers with ease and scalability.

Professional Experience

2021 – Present

Senior Systems Administrator

Matyel IT Solutions

Leading a team of IT professionals in deploying robust IT infrastructure solutions, specializing in Linux and Windows systems, DevOps practices, and advanced VPN technologies. Successfully implemented a company-wide backup solution that decreased data recovery times by 40%.

2018 – 2021

Systems Engineer

Dynamic Tech Innovations

Managed and optimized virtual environments using Proxmox, significantly enhancing system efficiency and reliability. Spearheaded the migration of physical servers to virtual machines, reducing operational costs by 30%.

2015 – 2018

Network Administrator

Global Net Solutions

Designed and maintained high-performance wireless networks using MikroTik technology. Developed comprehensive network security measures using pfSense and OPNsense, effectively minimizing security breaches.

What Our Clients Say

Professional Endorsement

Matyel IT Solutions revolutionized our Windows server environment, elevating it to new heights of efficiency and security. With their exceptional expertise in Windows and Linux, our operations have been streamlined and our overall performance has soared. Join the Matyel IT Solutions family today and unlock the full potential of your business with unparalleled support for your IT infrastructure.

Client Testimonial

‘The level of detail and efficiency in implementing complex backup solutions and managing our Linux and Windows servers has been exceptional. We trust Matyel IT Solutions implicitly with our network needs.’ – Sarah Benson, Benson Digital

Ready to Enhance Your IT Infrastructure?

At Matyel IT Solutions, we specialize in comprehensive IT services tailored to your business needs. Whether you require expert system administration, seamless network setups, or robust IT infrastructure management, our skilled team is here to assist. Let us help you streamline your operations with cutting-edge solutions in Windows, Linux, DevOps, and more.